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After Daily Show Embarrassment, Will Disgraced Tucson School Board Member Finally Resign Tonight? (VIDEO)

At tonight's Tucson Unified School District governing meeting, nationally disgraced board member Michael Hicks has a wonderful opportunity to provide a teaching moment for the Old Pueblo: He can apologize for his racist antics to the students, parents and community members in Tucson's largest school district and then he can resign. In an embarrassing performance on the Daily Show last night, Hicks reminded the nation of the blatantly racist and bizarre "misthinking" behind the ban on Tucson's academically successful Mexican American Studies Program. While Hicks' downright racist buffoonery might be entertaining--and certainly derails the spotlight from the FBI's investigation of Attorney General Tom Horne or his extremist side-kick, Tea Party state superintendent of schools John Huppenthal--it should also move Tucson's elected leadership to stand up and bring an end to the school board member's continual "pattern of discrimination" and disastrous reign over the education and lives of children in Tucson's largest school district. Despite a vibrant recall campaign to remove him from office as a "detriment to the community," Hicks is truly his own worst enemy. He revels in proclaiming his own "simple mind." In a bizarre Facebook rant, Hicks unleashed his challenged literacy skills in response to the recall campaign. At school board meetings, he openly tauntsstudents, parents and union members. Earlier this spring, his comparison of the Mexican American Studies faculty at the University of Arizona to Penn State's child sex scandal outraged educators and community members in Tucson's college town. At the same time, Hicks's erroneous framing of college-bound Mexican American Studies students as violent and out of control brought city-wide calls for his resignation. Bottom line: His antics are endless and unacceptable for any functioning and dedicated school board. Hicks should resign tonight. Or the school board--and Superintendent John Pedicone--should openly join the recall campaign to rid the district of this embarrassment once and for all. Here's Hicks' interview on the Daily Show:
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Tucson's Mexican-American Studies Ban
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