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Religious right group stealing photos from Obama rallies

The National Organization for Marriage has been accused at times of stooping pretty low in its attempts to keep marriage away from the gay community. The following is par for the course.  Check out the photo:
Jeremy Hooper from (who deals with NOM's lies at a level that even closer than me - I admire his strength and strong stomach) instantly suspected it to be a fake. And he was right:
From Hooper:
Yes, that's right: They lifted a Reuters photo. From another state. From more than three years ago. Featuring a man who stands against NOM's agenda in most every way possible.
In the long run, it doesn't matter how many victories NOM receives - even though the organization is going to eventually lose this fight against lgbtq equality - the organization has shown itself to be totally devoid of integrity and morality. Seems to me that anyone looking to this organization to protect marriage or anything they perceive to be "good" and "noble" is barking up the wrong tree.
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