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Religious right group wants a million people to pray for Sen. Jim DeMint

I received this interesting email from the Family Research Council yesterday:
Recently Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), a well-rounded conservative stalwart in the U.S. Senate, has come under attack from both left wing groups and establishment Republicans because he has refused to waver in his defense of the family. When liberals gang up on a principled leader, doing what is right can seem like a lonely effort. That's why we're gathering together one million Americans to pray on a regular basis for Sen. DeMint. The senator has expressed his appreciation for those who would pray for him, and has agreed to keep those who pledge to pray updated with specific prayer requests as he works with the new Congress on issues critical to faith, family, and freedom. Sen. DeMint need not feel alone in his convictions -- will you stand with me and Americans across the nation as we pray for Sen. Jim DeMint? Click here to pledge to join us as we seek to unite one million Americans in praying for Senator Jim DeMint.
Don't you just love the generic way the Family Research Council tries to make DeMint seem like an innocent in danger of being tied to the railroad tracks by the dastardly forces of evil from the left and the right. Of course it's not true. Jim DeMint is having problems because he is a homophobic, unprincipled charlatan who sacrificed his political party's chances for control of the Senate for a personal desire to have his own personal cadre of "conservatively pure" Senators. Not that I mind that DeMint did this. It was a bright light of last week's mid-term elections as far as I am concerned. But that first point about his homophobia isn't exactly one that I find to be a good point. DeMint has on more than one occasion unabashedly taken the role of an enemy of the lgbt community. In December of last year, he said he  found the idea of a gay president "bothersome." In June of  last year, he sent out an inaccurate letter to several pastors and religious leaders claiming that if lgbt-inclusive hate crimes protection were passed, they were in danger of going to jail for simply preaching that homosexuality is wrong. In October of this year, he repeated his beliefthat unmarried women and lgbts should not be allowed to teach. It was the same statement he made in 2004 when he initially ran for his Senate seat. Seems to me that the people who need one million prayers are the folks who voted DeMint into office and those whom his actions have harmed.
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