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Know-Nothing Republican: My Wife's Doing Great, So Gender Bias Doesn't Exist

Todd Lally, who is running for congress in Kentucky, claims that because he's never seen gender discrimination, it's really not an issue. It's a particularly shameful position given the dismal position of women's health and well-being in the state. His first foot-in-moutj moment came during a debate when he was asked about Kentucky's women. He said
"I look at women's issues like any other issue. We have equal rights in this country, we have fought--women have fought very hard for those equal rights. Uh, it's up to them. I mean my wife is a working woman, she works very, very hard and she's been very successful. I've not seen any barriers in her career and I don't believe that exists."
Lally's opponent followed up with him by citing specific examples of the wage gap based on two hypothetical people with bachelor degrees, and Lally responded by saying that: "is the male's degree in electrical engineering and the female's is in education?" Some people never learn. Watch a video of the exchange compiled by local Democrats: Read in-depth response to Lally's ridiculousness at DoubleXand TPMDC.
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