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Rand Paul Supporter Who Attacked 23 Yr Old Lauren Valle Is Member of Paul's Campaign

The Rand Paul supporter who stomped on the head of a 23 year old protester as she lay on the ground has beenidentified as Tim Profitt, a member of Paul's campaign. Profitt, who released a statement today admitting that he'd pressed his foot on 23 year old Lauren Valle's face, is the Rand Paul for Senate Bourbon County coordinator. The assault was captured in a video that shows Valle getting shoved and wrestled to the ground by a group of men. Profitt then walks up and grinds his foot into her head. Earlier today Rand Paul addressed the attack on Fox News, saying "We want everybody to be civil. We want this issue, the campaign to be about issues. We'll tell you that when we arrived there was enormous passion on both sides." Paul did not let on whether he knew the attacker was an official member of the Paul campaign. Paul and Profitt are pictured below. Meanwhile, Valle described her harrowing experience toTPM:
Rand Paul's car arrived, and as soon as it did, a couple of them stepped right in front of me and so I stepped off the curb to get around them, back out to the front, and at that point they started grabbing for me and I ran all the way around the car with them in pursuit, and the point at which they see the footage is after I've run all the way around the car and am in front of the car and that is when they take me down....
As you can see from the or two people twisted my arms behind my back and took me down. I got into the [inaudible] position to protect myself and it was about two or three seconds after that that another person stomped on my head. I lay there for 20 seconds or so and then my partner Alex came and got me up and that's the point at which there's that media clip that is out of me speaking.