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Bibi Netanyahu's Deep-Pocketed (and Foreign) Right-Wing Donors Revealed

This, via Matt Duss (by email), is an interesting story. Here's the deck:
List of potential donors prepared by then-opposition leader in 2007 provides peek into his fundraising industry in US. Officials include extreme rightists, people who got in trouble with law.
And a taste:
Benjamin Netanyahu's list of potential donors, which was prepared ahead of the 2007 primary elections, was published Friday by the Yedioth Ahronoth daily. One of the documents, which includes comments in Netanyahu's handwriting, provides a peek into his fundraising industry in the United States. The then-opposition leader erased from the list people he believed would not give him money for the Likud primary elections. He divided the others into four categories according to whether contacting them is "worth the effort." [...] The first group includes the foreigners worthwhile of contacting, and only one name – of a person who does not donate to the Right – was erased by Netanyahu. The numbers 3 and 4 were marked next to the names of millionaires with a small chance of donating. The Israelis marked by Netanyahu on the list did not donate to his primaries campaign. Those who agreed to donate are mainly American citizens, and few British and French people, including extreme rightists and people who got in trouble with the law. One of the men on the list, Kenneth S. Abramowitz, is convinced that concessions are futile and that the crises between Israel and the US will continue until the Obama administration is "thrown out." He referred to the members of the leftist J Street lobby as "in need of psychiatric care." According to estimates, 98% of the funds donated to Netanyahu came from abroad.
It's worth popping over to Ynet and taking a look at some of the names on Bibi's list.
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