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Catholics United Stands Up To Susan B. Anthony List, As Anti-Choice NRLC Defends Lies

Written by Amie Newman for - News, commentary and community for reproductive health and justice.

According to the Washington Independent, the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) is angry.

As a ruling is set to be handed down today, by a U.S. District Court, on a lawsuit brought by the anti-choice Susan B. Anthony List (SBA), regarding whether or not the Ohio law barring false claims in election advertising is constitutional, pro-and anti-choice groups are getting prepared.

The non-partisan, social justice group Catholics United which opposes SBA List's efforts held a press call today to discuss the lawsuit and SBA List's recent embroilment with the Ohio Elections Commission over what the commission ruled was false advertising.  NRLC's Legislative Director Douglas Johnson "crashed" the call and, according to Washington Independent, angrily interrupted the discussion claiming that he did not think SBA List's advertising was untrue and that, in fact, he said as much in a sworn statement.

SBA List is targeting certain anti-choice candidates who supported health care reform, claiming they voted for "taxpayer funded abortion" by doing so. In Ohio, they paid for a billboard targeting Rep. Steve Driehaus stating, "Shame on Steve Driehaus! Driehaus voted FOR Taxpayer Funded Abortion!" Driehaus complained to the OEC, which ruled that the claim was in fact false and ordered the group to take the billboard down.This ruling is what sparred SBA List to bring a lawsuit, seeking to overturn the state's "false statement" in political advertising law.

In fact SBA List has been targeting both anti-and pro-choice candidates around the country using print mailers, and radio and television ads to relay the same message about health care reform's inclusion of what they say is a measure to allow "taxpayer funded abortion."

In response to the Ohio ruling and the subsequent lawsuit, the national group, Catholics United, joined 36 Cincinnati-area faith leaders, including 11 nuns, in an open call to SBA List. Read more