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New Law Would Force Sneaky Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers to Reveal Anti-Choice Agenda

A New York law introduced Tuesday would force Crisis Pregnancy Centers -- religious, anti-choice organizations that counsel pregnant women against getting abortions -- to stop posing as health clinics. The law requires CPCs to disclose that they do not provide abortion services, contraceptives or referrals for abortions. CPCs, which receive federal funding, rarely indicate their anti-choice agenda. Most are indistinguishable from women's health clinics, except that in place of health advice they proffer medical misinformation, Bible study and pictures of fetuses to dissuade women from choosing abortion. There are over 2,300 pregnancy centers across the country, according to the Wall Street Journal. Democratic Council Member Jessica Lappin, who sponsored the bill, told the WSJ, "These are anti-choice centers masquerading as health clinics ... Women who are scared and vulnerable and having a very tough decision to make have a right to factually accurate medical information, and the fact that these folks would purposely try to mislead them is not right." NARAL Pro-Choice New York has released a report detailing how CPCs mislead women. A review of CPC websites revealed that only 25% identify themselves as anti-choice organizations. On their websites, print materials and in counseling sessions, many say abortion is linked to a host of medical conditions, including higher risk of breast cancer, infertility, scarring, even death (in fact, abortion is one of the safest medical procedures in the US). At one clinic, an undercover volunteer was told to take her time, because she could "get an abortion up to 9 months." CPCs also confront pregnant women with models and videos of fetal development. The report concludes that women "deserve to know whether the "options counseling" and information they receive is based on medical fact or anti-choice ideology and whether the facility they are walking into is in fact a health care facility ... " The NY law would require CPCs to put up disclosure statements at their facilities, and on their websites and advertisements. See the NARAL report here.