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Surprise! Alaskans Don't Want Sarah Palin to be President

Like almost everyone else, Alaskans don't want Sarah Palin to run for President. From Public Policy Polling:
If Sarah Palin runs for President in 2012 she can't count on a whole lot of support back home. 62% of Alaska Republicans are opposed to her making a White House bid and she gets only 17% in a hypothetical 2012 primary in the state tying for her second with Mike Huckabee behind Mitt Romney. Among voters who say they support the goals of the Tea Party only 31% want Palin to run and even with ones who consider themselves to be active members of the Tea Party there are still only 42% who think she should make the leap.
The findings generally mirror polling results in the rest of the country. Even a majority of self-identified Conservatives who hold favorable views of Palin don't want her to run for President. Not shocking. And a presidential run seems like an unlikely jump for the half-term governor to take anyway, given that it's harder and less lucrative than hosting TV shows.  But the very large gap between conservatives' thoughts on Palin (positive) and their thoughts on Palin's fitness for national office (decidedly not) does show a nice chink in the epistemic closure that characterizes the conservative media universe: namely, Palin has gone through amazing lengths to manage her image. Yet even people who really, really like her have gotten the message that she lacks gravitas. Yeah, "Sarah Palin lacks gravitas" is not exactly a revelation. But think about all the other things that should be totally obvious (e.g., Obama's not a Muslim) that polls showelude many self-identified conservatives. On a related note, a new Vanity Fair profile of Palin reveals that she has a potentially shady relationship with several conservative PACsand is a sucky tipper. Check it out.