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For Ft. Hood Shooter, Banks Are Acting as Judge and Jury

Hopefully, there's nobody out there who is so stupid as to accuse me of defending alleged Ft. Hood shooter Nidal Hassan because I find this outrageous on principle*:

Banks won't take Fort Hood shooting suspect's paychecks

As he sits in the Bell County Jail, accused of the Nov. 5 Fort Hood shooting that left 13 dead, Maj. Nidal Hasan continues to receive his monthly U.S. Army paycheck, which based on his rank and experience is probably more than $6,000. That's standard procedure for soldiers who are confined before military trial, according to Army officials. But Hasan, charged with a shooting spree that shocked the country, is not a standard defendant. And he's having a hard time finding a bank to take his money. According to his civilian attorney John Galligan , Bank of America notified Hasan last month that it was closing his account and no area bank so far has agreed to open an account for the Army psychiatrist. Military regulations require soldiers to be paid through direct deposit, making a bank account indispensable.
That's from the Austin American Statesman,which informs us that the banks aren't violating the law -- they have the discretion to pick and choose their customers as they please. So, if the government accuses you of a criminal act, they can -- and apparently do in some instances -- decide that you're guilty before a jury of your peers has an opportunity to weigh the evidence against you and render a decision (this is a court martial, so it's actually a jury of your superiors, but you get the point). The presumption of innocence before being proven guilty is a core principle in our justice system, but then again, when have the banks given a damn about principles or the rule of law or our core values. * I wouldn't have written that if I didn't know full well that there are people whoarethat stupid and/or dishonest.
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