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Howard Dean Doubles Down on Fox Comments: If You Race-Bait, You're Racist

OnFox News Sunday, Howard Dean called the network racist for hounding Shirley Sherrod and trying to scare white people by parading around the three black panthers left in the country. In an interview on the Young Turks today, Dean stood by his comments, saying that stoking the racial fears and resentments of the right-wing fringe is racist:
Uygur [host]: Right. So tell us why you think what they did in the Shirley Sherrod case is racist. Dean: Because what they're doing is race-baiting. Basically, they, they have had a narrative going on for quite some time, I think the most famous kickoff was Glenn Beck saying that Barack Obama hated white people, what they're doing is appealing to people's basest instincts, racial hatred. Racial hatred is something that's, that's something, it's endemic in the country, but we've really gone way past it now. We've made huge progress, but there are still a fringe of people who are, who have great fears about race. And what they're doing is feeding those fears. They say things that aren't true, they put together stories as Fox did with the Shirley Sherrod thing that isn't true, they have done the same thing in this nonsense about the Black Panther Party and Obama coddling black people and all this crap. It's just not true, and it's racist. If you're appealing to people's racial fears, then you're a racist. —————————— Uygur:...Michael Clemente, Senior VP of Fox News, says, "As we said this past week, some people such as the failed candidate Dean reflexively blame Fox for almost anything." How do you respond to that? Dean: I just don't take Fox seriously. They're not a news outfit, they're a propaganda outfit. I go on Chris Wallace because I like him, and actually I think he is fair, he's tough, and of course he has to spout the party line once in a while, which he did yesterday. But I don't go on any of those other programs because it's not a serious outfit. And you know, so that's a propaganda statement. And it's interesting, I saw that earlier, and I thought to myself, that's really interesting, that's what you'd expect from a spokesman from a right-wing politician, and it's not a coincidence.