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Corporate Media Buys Into Right-Wing-Backed Fake Scandal at Justice Department

The trampling of white rights? Give me a break

Ripping a page right out of the white supremacist training book, conservative bloggers are crying about the blatant “trampling of white rights” by the Department of Justice simply because it chose not to take up a case where the New Black Panther party was alleged to have insulted white voters. Check them out here, here and here. It was an ugly scene, no doubt. Apparently, these guys yelled “white devil” to some white folks and told them "you're about to be ruled by the black man, cracker." But the backlash is pretty damned convenient for the conservative blogosphere. As far as I recall, this community has never acknowleged the civil rights of minorities. In fact, they have routinely referred to civil rights violations as made up PC nonsense. And this current conservative uproar ignores the reality and history of voter intimidation, the fact that thousands of minorities are routinely marginalized, manipulated and harassed into not voting. This is exactly the kind of cherry picking the right wing does in trying to prove the existence of this alternate universe, an America where minorities are oppressing white men. "To some, the civil rights laws are not meant to protect all Americans, they are meant to protect certain Americans," claims J. Christian Adams, a conservative who helped prosecute the case against the New Black Panthers. He is a former Justice Department lawyer and is using this case to grandstand and accuse his former superiors of ignoring white voters’ rights and creating a systematic "one-way" approach in which only minorities are protected. And yes, he’s serious. Now the issue has an even bigger mouthpiece, Glenn Beck has jumped aboard this twisted freedom train, listen to the audio of his rant here. This, following eight years in which the Bush administration effectively fired and rooted out anyone in the DOJ that was not a loyal partisan Republican -- and by definition prone to ignoring black civil rights. This, only after a year of actually having a justice department remotely concerned with addressing civil rights abuses. This, all because a few knuckle head, wannabe panthers yelled negative things to some white folks. And the dumb-assed media is picking up on this and legitimizing his claims. While the media validates this story, it conveniently ignores other important issues. It’s interesting the mainstream media has not picked up on the United Nations' concerns about the rampant and racially-target level of mortgage fraud perpetuated prior to the foreclosure crisis and feels it necessary to investigate. "I will collect first-hand information on the status of realization of the right to adequate housing in the US, with particular emphasis on social housing, the foreclosure crisis and homelessness," said Raquel Rolnik. “The United States has been implementing a variety of programs and policies towards providing adequate housing for everyone. I want to look at their functioning and impact from a human rights perspective." And why no mention on CBS of this, the criminal trial against Oscar Grant is underway and it looks like the shooter, the white BART officer, might just get off. Were Oscar Grant’s civil rights violated when he was shot, point blank in the back while already in handcuffs? Or this, a young black female college student is still missing and presumed dead after Los Angeles County Police officers out in Malibu released her on foot, alone, without even a cell phone, wandering through the canyons of Malibu. Or how about this guy, Jason Todd Ready, a self-admitted neo-Nazi and “anti-immigrant” activist who just last month took a group of heavily armed civilians into the Vekol Valley in Pinal County, Ariz., a border area noted for illegal immigration. He and his racist buddies, then took possession of an abandoned building (describing their actions as the “the Minutemen project on steroids”) and led armed “patrols” around the desert. Or what about the case of the Scott sisters, who were sentenced to two life terms in prison over $11. Back in 1994, Gladys and Jamie Scott started serving two life terms after being convicted of an $11 (that’s right $11) robbery. At the time, they were 19 and 22-years-old.  Even though three separate teenagers confessed to the robbery and even though the alleged victim testified in court that neither Jamie or Gladys robbed them, the Scott sisters still remain in prison. None of these massive miscarriages of justice ever rise to the level of any a mention in the mainstream media, but blowhards like Adams are allowed to continue blathering on about the “trampling of white rights” unchecked. If that does not tell you about real racism and injustice in this country, then I don’t know what will. Read the story.