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16 horrible things that would definitely happen if Republicans regained control of the government

Democrats may not exactly be the people's party, but the GOP is the corporate darling and that should be enough to motivate progressives to vote

The Washington Post reported there is an apparent revolt among the big money donors on Wall Street against the Democrats. Democratic contributions are down 65 percent from two years ago,the post aptly reports.
It stems from pending financial regulatory reform, which House Democrats passed last week with almost no Republican support.
But the cable network talking heads conveniently fail to mention, while saying it is because the Obama administration and Democrats "don't understand business,"  is the reason behind this is blatantly obvious.
In the months leading up to financial reform, since the financial meltdown, Republicans are obviously just getting paid for all their obstruction. The Republicans continue to be -- despite their tea party hype, despite all the angry populist musings, despite that a fair chunk of their constituents live in poverty -- the Corporate party. The party of limited government involvement and oversight into the financial market, the party of "drill, baby drill," the party that put an oil and natural gas executive in the White House, the party that oppresses poor people and props up the rich.
This is the party that passed the Wall Street bailout. It is the party that made it nearly impossible for individual consumers to effectively file for bankruptcy while insuring that investors, when a company goes belly up, are shored up.
The differences between the parties could not be more poignant and critical today. And it's not because the Democrats are good but because the Republicans are EVIL! You might not like President Obama. You might not like Harry Reid. The question is, how screwed would we be if the Republicans were to regain control? Sharon Angle anyone? Let me spell it out.
  • Exponentially more offshore drilling and raping of our natural resources with nothing but apologies to the big corporations as they ruin the environment.
  • No significant environmentally-conscientious energy legislation ever.
  • Creationism not evolution taught as science in every K-12 school in this country.
  • Texas-style rewrites of American history gone national.
  • Glenn Beckwould have a cabinet position and Rush Limbaugh would be the new White House Press Secretary.
  • No drawdowns, to timelines, just more troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • No rules of the road for Wall Street and financial institutions.
  • Lower taxes for the rich.
  • Repeal of health care reform.
  • Elimination of Social Security.
  • More ultra conservative Supreme court Judicial appointment -- which will inevitably lead to the repeal of Roe v. Wade. This will cause the unintended and unwanted births of thousands of children each year who will be abused, neglected and impoverished.
  • The passage of a new Patriot Act. This one designed specifically to weed out “anti-American” Americans. Bill authored by Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann.
  • Drastically scaled back government spending to boost the economy, huge increases in government spending on new military conflicts and 20th century military technology (like massive Cold War era fighter planes that are absolutely useless except that they make the military brass as giddy as school girls).
  • The possibility that someone even dumber that George W. Bush (Sarah Palin) will occupy the White House.
  • No repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. In fact, there might be a constitutional amendment to ban all gays, even the hidden ones, from joining the military.
  • A 24-foot wall on the U.S. Mexican border and 24-hour brigade of armed guards posted 12-feet apart with orders to shoot anything that moves, costing about $200 billion per year. Contract awarded to Blackwater.

"Democrats worked hard to pass reform with tough oversight, accountability and regulation, and it's no secret the big banks were against it," said Deirdre Murphy, spokeswoman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. "But we believe preventing another financial collapse is the responsible thing to do, and at the end of the day, we will have the resources we need to compete in our targeted states, as will our candidates." Republicans generally think very poorly of the poorer elements of their base as clearly evidenced by the leaked fundraising primerlabeling Obama "the Joker" and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "Cruella DeVille." They know there is an element of their base that is driven entirely by fear and biogtry. They assume these folks will not remember, make any logical connection or care that it was the Republican party who administered the Wall Street bailouts. In fact, some ads are already making the false claim that the bailouts happened on Obama's watch. They assume their people won’t really make the logical connection between whose funding their campaigns and whose interests they are looking out for while in office. But the only Republican constituency that really matters to the GOP are the wealthy, the corporations, Wall street bankers, the insurance and oil and gas industry, etc. If you think you are a populist and you vote Republican, you are an idiot.