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Republicans Take Brave Stand Against "Tan Tax"

This post first appeared on Daily Kos. This is just so rich. Boehner has hijacked the House Republican caucus behind his own cause: fighting the "tan tax." Seriously, here's what's on the Republican House Ways and Means site:
Unfortunately, no amount of sunscreen or Aloe will relieve the pain of the Democrats’ impending 10 percent tax on indoor tanning beds,which goes into effect tomorrow, July 1.  This $2.7 billion tax will hit tens of thousands of small businesses and consumers and is just one of the many of the $569,000,000,000 in new health care taxes that violate the President’s promise not to raise taxes on middle-class families.
I would suspect that most middle-class families are more worried about hanging on to their homes and their jobs and taking care of their unemployed family members, who Boehner thinks don't deserve to get the unemployment insurance they paid for while they were working. But priorities are priorities, and now we know definitively that keeping that healthy orange glow is tops for Boehner.