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After Weigel-Gate, Andrew Breitbart Offers $100K for Journolist Archive

Gosh. Andrew Breitbart is willing to pay $100K to find out if anyone called him an asshole in private. I'll call him an asshole in public for free. This is great:
No one will ever know who became $100,000 richer – and did the right thing, morally and ethically — by shining the light of truth on this seamy underworld of the media.
Wow, doing the right thing AND making a hundred thousand bucks paid by a highly partisan loosely principled loon. What a deal. I am particularly fond of the "if you break your word about being anonymous, I promise to respect your anonymity" Solemn Vow. Classical Literature is perhaps replete with examples of what happens to individuals who take deals like this, though, granted, Breitbart's more a sad sopping douche than an avenging fury, so what the hey. Would YOU accept $100K in exchange for someone fucking your profession, if youwere, uh, Woody Harrelson, and Andrew Breitbart was Robert Redford, and an email list was your wife? Your fucking wife? (Stupid movie reference perhaps too labored. Suffice it to say, Breitbart's a dick.) If after a protracted investigation Ezra Klein (!) emerges as the Dr. Evil of the MSM, I for one will be very surprised. MASJay Nordlinger:
I think many of my conservative colleagues are far too gingerly when it comes to liberal media bias. Far too timid, delicate, and forgiving. For a long time, complaining about media bias has been seen as uncouth. It’s something we all need to learn to live with, like death, taxes, and mosquitoes. Don’t be uncool by bitching about it, man.
Conservatives are OVERLY SHY about bitching about Liberal Media Bias? Because they are afraid of being called nerds? This is the most demented thing anyone has ever written at the Corner. No, honestly.
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