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Travel Agency Gives Rush Limbaugh One Way Ticket to Costa Rica

Oddly, Rush Limbaugh has not kept his pledge to move to Costa Rica if the health care bill passed. As of this morning, when President Obama signed the historic legislation, Limbaugh still appeared to be transmitting a radio broadcast from his U.S. studio. "The sick feeling in the pit of the stomach. We all feel it!" he assured a caller onhis show. No one should have to feel that way.  And today, a travel agency called Joan's Travel Partners has volunteered to put  Limbaugh out of his misery, offering to pay for a one way ticket to Costa Rica. Said Joan LaPore, the travel agency owner, "As a service to the country my travel agency is more than willing to send Rush Limbaugh ONE WAY to Costa Rica or the country of his choice --as long as it is off American soil.”