Who Reads AlterNet?


The "basics" can be found on the right-hand side of this page. Selected findings from a recent in-house online survey of AlterNet readers, conducted in November 2009, provides more depth:

  • 48% listen to NPR "frequently"
  • 40% are frequently/regularly on FaceBook
  • 70% have made financial contributions to political candidates
  • 41% buy at least one hard-copy book each month
  • 29% see a movie in a movie theater at least once a month
  • 35% rent or purchase at least one DVD from an online retailer each month
  • 37% never eat fast food
  • 73% have a current passport
  • 55% drink wine at least once a month
  • 60% believe it's "very important" to buy products from retailers who treat their workers fairly
  • 85% believe it's "important" or "very important" to buy sustainable and recycled products
  • 45% are currently single
  • 65% have children

Our readers care deeply about the issues we cover --the environment, food policy and politics, freedom of expression, fairness and justice, human rights and health care. And they generously support the causes they believe in.

To find out more about reaching the influential AlterNet audience, please contact Roxanne Cooper at 202.538.0274.